Series 1

Below you can find all 12 titles that began the Socialist Renewal Series.

Peter Gowan - Crisis East and West: Must it be Global Barbarism?

Michael Barratt Brown - Where Blair is Wrong

Liz Davies - Feminism after Post-feminism

Frank Blackaby - Europe and NATO Expansion

Royden J. Harrison - New Labour as Past History

Anne Grey - The Rights of the Unemployed: A Socialist Approach

European Labour Forum - May Day

Michael Barratt Brown - The Yugoslav Tragedy: Lessons for Socialists

Michael Barratt Brown with Hugo Radice - Democracy versus Capitalism: A response to Will Hutton with some old questions for New Labour

Ken Coates - New Labour's Aims and Values: A Study in Ambiguity

Peter Townsend and Alan Walker - New Directions for Pensions: How to Revitalise National Insurance

G. A. Cohen - Is Socialism Inseparable from Common Ownership?