Institute for Workers’ Control/European Labour Forum/Socialist Renewal

  • About European Labour Forum

    European Labour Forum (ELF) was launched in the Summer of 1990, following the election of Ken Coates to the European Parliament. ELF was a bridge between the work of the Institute for Workers’ Control and the later work done through Socialist Renewal. A total of 20 issues of the journal were published between 1990 and 1999, each […]

  • About Socialist Renewal

    Socialist Renewal grew out of the discussion around Labour’s abandonment of Clause Four in 1995. A general invitation was issued to socialist authors to write for us. A dozen pamphlets and half a dozen books followed. This website is set up to encourage the discussion. An online archive to Socialist Renewal pamphlets is available here. […]

  • About the IWC

    The Institute for Workers’ Control was formed in 1968, building on a series of conferences over several years, to act as a research and educational body, to encourage discussion and communication between workers’ control groups and trade unions, and to publish important materials on industrial democracy and workers’ control. An online archive of IWC pamphlets […]

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